Company City Industry
CJSC BIOCAD Saint-Petersburg biotechnology, pharmaceutical industry
CJSC «The Ural Turbine Works» Sverdlovsk region energy machinery manufacturing
Research and Production Enterprise Radar MMS JS Saint-Petersburg radioelectronics
SKB Kontur Sverdlovsk region software development
JSC «ICC Milandr» Moscow region microelectronics, instrument manufacturing
State Research Center of Russian Federation ORPE «Technologiya» named after A. G. Romashin Kaluga region creating knowledge-intensive, high-tech products for aviation, space equipment, transport and munitions
LLC STPF POLYSAN Saint-Petersburg pharmaceuticals
GC Danaflex Republic of Tatarstan materials
GC GEROPHARM Saint-Petersburg pharmaceuticals
Micran Research and Production Company Tomsk region electronics, instrument manufacturing, microelectronics
LLC Research & Production Enterprise «PRIMA» Nizhny Novgorod region electronics and instrument engineering
«SWEMEL» Group of companies Moscow IT
ОJSС «NPO Stekloplastic» Moscow region chemical industry
LC «Corporation «Mayak» Sverdlovsk region materials
Eltex Enterprise Ltd Novosibirsk region telecommunication equipment manufacturing
LLC Argus-spektr Saint-Petersburg industry
LLC «Tekhnologiya Lekarstv» Moscow region pharmaceuticals
JSC BARS Group Republic of Tatarstan IT
LLC Research and Development Company Sosny Ulyanovsk region nuclear energy
CJSC Special Materials, Corp. Saint-Petersburg materials, machine construction, technical security solutions
LLC Research and Production Company Paker Republic Of Bashkortostan machinery manufacturing, oil and gas equipment
JSC LEDEL Republic of Tatarstan innovation LED lighting devices
LLC «PROMEX» Moscow metalworking production
JSC «Inertial Technologies of Technocomplex» Moscow region Electronics and instrument making industry
CJSC Plackart Moscow region industry
LLC Scientific and Technological Firm BACS Samara region instruments for oil and gas industry
JSC Zavod Electropribor Chuvash Republic radioelectronics
Volga-Dnepr Technics Moskva Ltd. Moscow region transport
JSC Dolgoprudnenskoe Design Bureau of Automatics Moscow region air industry
CJSC Obninsk Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company Kaluga region pharmaceuticals
JSC «Turbonasos» Vororezh region industrial equipment, instrument engineering
LLC «Perm Chemical Company» Perm region chemical industry
LLC SPA «NIIPAV» Rostov region chemical industry
OJCS EEO Glukharev «Signal» of Engels Saratov region electronics and instrument engineering
LLC Bee Pitron Saint-Petersburg electrical technology, machinery manufacturing, tool engineering
JSC «Svetlana-LED» Saint-Petersburg lighting engineering
LLC «New foundry technologies» Republic of Tatarstan machine engineering and metallurgy
Tekhnopark «HTTS UAI» Republic Of Bashkortostan chemical industry
INCOM Group Tomsk region IT
CJSC VNITEP Moscow machine tool industry
LLC «Sinergiya-Lider» Perm region oil and gas equipment
LLC «Rakurs-inzhiniring» Saint-Petersburg electric power industry
Siberian Machine Building Company, Ltd. Tomsk region machinery manufacturing
RMT Ltd Nizhny Novgorod region instrument-making industry
CJSC «Energy Equipment Facility Energotok» Nizhny Novgorod region machine industry, industrial equipment, energy
LLC I-Sys Labs Moscow IT
Research and Development Tradition Group, Ltd. Moscow IT
LLC Belfarmakom Belgorod region pharmaceuticals
RPC «Magnetic hydrodynamics» Krasnoyarsk Krai electric technologies engineering in non-ferrous metallurgy
LLC AltEnergo Belgorod region power industry
JSC «Leader-Compound» Republic of Mordovia chemical industry
LLC IRC Astrafarm Moscow veterinary drugs
CJSC Tornado Modular Systems Novosibirsk region radio electronics (computers)
Alliance «AIC+QSOFT» Moscow IT
JSC «ROSAL» Altai Krai materials, industrial equipment
LLC Satellite Innovation Perm region IT
Galen Ltd Chuvash Republic production of construction materials
LLC SimbirSoft Ulyanovsk region IT
LLC Tomsk Electronic Technologies company Tomsk region machine industry, electronics, radiotechnics, automatics
JSC Fomos-Materials Moscow materials and instrument making industry