Striking MultiFlex Accordion Slider Abilities

  • Supports Images, Blog Posts, Portfolio Posts and Self Gallery
  • Optionally display Captions and/or Descriptions
  • Supports First Slide Open option
  • 4 different Caption Styles to choose from
  • Supports custom colors for each of the caption background, caption title and description
  • 2 Caption transitions – Fade and Pop-Up
  • Can be used with the Easy Slideshow Creator tool for quick slider setup.
  • Supports URL linking for Images
  • Feature Header Slider only.  Maximum dimensions are 960 x 800
**The above example of the Accordion is displaying a blog post category.

The Accordion slider is an image and post slider and is commonly used as a homepage slider or as post slider for top level navigation pages, but as it is very flexible for the content it displays, you are only limited by your imagination!

Settings For Accordion Slider

As this slider is available only for the Feature Header Area, it is controlled by settings located in the Accordion slider tab of the MultiFlex Slideshow Panel.  Want to use it with different options on different webpages?  No problem, just use the Create Custom Slider Configuration Presets setting (Slideshow Settings/Slideshow General Tab) to create new instances of the Accordion slider with unique settings for each display purpose.